Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The race is on!

Hey, I haven't forgotten y'all here, it's just that I'm in the mad dash now to try and create a full grant application by Thu eve... so it's pretty much write all the time while folk are talking and while they are discussing, break briefly for food, read endless buckets of literature, sleep a bit, then up early to write more. But I think I'll get a bit on top of it today, so I'll summarize some of our great presentations then. What's my topic? A tiny project trying to find out more about why LGBT youth take up smoking at such high rates. Encouragingly, everyone here seems to like the idea so that's good. But three folk who get their full narrative done by 8 pm Thu can volunteer to get the full group's feedback on it on Fri... and I think there's at least a small hope in, ahem, well it's not impossible that I could get there. (why, oh why didn't I read more on the topic area before?)

(The hotel puts a small container labeled "vanity kit" in the bathroom...I had to wait a day to open it just because the thought of what tiny thing could be a vanity kit was so intriguing. It turned out to be 2 qtips and 3 cottonballs. Hmmm... I know qtips are amazing, one of those things like fedex where you don't need it but then suddenly can't live without it, but I didn't realize they were quite that transformative.... ok, enough digressing, back to work, it's 7:30 am already, we start in 1 hr!)

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