Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gypsy fiddlers and one step backwards.

Did I mention the gypsy fiddlers last night? Last night after I forgot to cancel the last of my many planned social events to again write, I ended up having to go, no prob after all cause I thought I was ahead enough, almost done with a first narrative draft. And it was wonderful, I went to the new Frank Gherry bandshell in Millenium park, got a seat right down front with one of my favorite people, the 82 yr old Raffle Rose, and settled in to watch the symphony. Now, it's been 20 years since I've gone to one of those, so I was all trying to fit in but not need to pretend to like it, the guests were gypsy fiddler kings, a small band of them playing with the symphony. Now that's the kind of symphony I can get into!

Now, it's Thu afternoon, I've volunteered to put in my full draft of a CBPR grant for review tonite, but unfortunately, I've gotten even more good feedback on my current draft - of the change buckets variety. Sigh. So, I'm tired but I'm mustering for one more big writing push.

And today I heard from one of the faculty what she really walked away from this whole shindig with.... that CBPR is not a theory, it's not an aim/goal, it's not an outcome, it's a methodological enhancement only, it should be nicely tucked into the framework of your proposal, but not spotlighted. (paraphrased) I'll ask more faculty later what they got out of it.

It is nice for us to have these experts on tap for days at a time, ready to review yr stuff in a jiffy, with worlds of combined experience between them.

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